City of Cape Town is currently experiencing Stage 1 Load Shedding

City of Cape Town is currently experiencing Stage 1 Load Shedding

The City of Cape Town is currently experiencing Stage 1 Load Shedding.

Precautions to avoid damage to appliances:

  • load-shedingHave backup batteries for fences and gates to ensure electric fencing and gates still work during a blackout. It is imperative that backup batteries are installed and maintained;
  • Install surge protectors which help to stop the massive sudden flow of energy into household appliances and electronics;
  • Unplug appliances: In the event that the power goes out, it is a good idea to unplug any appliance or electronic device that may be vulnerable to the power surges when the electricity comes back on.

To view load shedding map at any time save the following like to your bookmarks: Muizenberg

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Blog holiday 530x530So the end of the year is just around the bend and I’m sure you couldn’t be happier! There are those of you who will already have your end-of-year holiday planned to a tee. Then, of course, there are those who haven’t even had time to think about it. Either way, the holiday season is coming up and you’ve got to be ready. Whether you are traveling across an ocean, driving to somewhere amazing in South Africa, or even staying put at home, you’ll want to be ready no matter what.

Now to make sure you are ready for your incredible holiday, we’ve put together a helpful checklist to make sure your getaway trip doesn’t unexpectedly break down. Make sure you have the following before you hit the road:

  • House-sitter – Just one less thing to worry about.
  • Suntan lotion – For obvious reasons.
  • Your smile – So often overlooked but can make or break a vacation.
  • Phone charger – Or even better one for your car. You don’t want to lose connection with the world.
  • Cash for souvenirs – Be that cool friend, it’ll score you major points.
  • Your trusty camera – To capture all the amazing memories and moments along the way.
  • ID/Passport – Proof that you are a proud South African!
  • Entertainment – Like books, music, board games and more; it’s time to start chilling out your way.
  • Map/GPS – The sooner you get to your personal paradise, the better!
  • Emergency Numbers – Save the person to contact in an emergency under ICE (In Case of Emergency)

Green light for Muizenberg Park Plans

Muizenberg ParkPlans to take back Muizenberg Park are on track.

This follows the election of a committee for the Friends of Muizenberg Park and the adoption of a constitution at their first meeting last week.

Modelled on the constitution of the Friends of De Waal Park, the document outlines the roles, legal status and objectives of the group.

Speaking during the meeting Elizabeth Milne, environmental director of the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID), said the document had been showed to a legal professional who agreed the document provided the support needed to improve the use of the park.

She explained due to the boundaries of the Special Ratings Area, the park was not under the management of the MID.

Milne said the City of Cape Town was now considering an application to have it included in the SRA.

“This means the MID’s security officers will now be able to patrol and provide assistance in the park,” she explained.

The MID is waiting for a final decision from the City.

A resident encouraged those present to take back the park by using it more frequently. He said while working in the park he noticed a children’s birthday party underway. “They were running around and having so much fun.”

The next day I noticed prison gang signs drawn on rocks near where I worked the previous day,” he said.

In that same week he saw four men sitting in the park and later found a lighter, bottle neck and empty bags.

“The best way to keep undesirable [elements] out of the park is to use it as frequently as possible. Let’s invite families to use the park and create a community atmosphere,” he said.

Milne said a project called Beach Buddies had helped displace anti-social behaviour at the beach making it safe for the community.

Muizenberg police spokesperson Captain Stephen Knapp is excited about the formation of the Friends group. “Until now we have always dealt with individuals when it comes to the park. Now, as a group, you are able to demand a little more,” he said.

Questions over whether or not the Friends should register as a non-profit organisation were also raised.

Milne said while there was no legal requirement to do so, there was no harm.

“It also depends on who the funders are. For instance organisations such as the Community Chest require organisations to be registered as an NPO before they provide funding,” she said.

The committee will elect office bearers and open a bank account for the Friends.

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