Surfers Corner beach clean-up

Guidelines on cleaning the intertidal zone at the Corner:
We have been cleaning the intertidal zone at Muizenberg Corner every new moon since March 2015. The upper sandy shore/grass fringe is NOT part of the intertidal zone; we only want to collect litter from the rocky area that is usually under water when the tide is high.

Here are some tips on how to collect the litter you may find:

1. Get your eyes tuned into looking for unnatural objects – you’d be amazed at how you can overlook the plastic trapped between the rocks – particularly the transparent bits.
2. Plastic bags tend to get trapped between the rocks and are filled with sand. Please try to dig bags out without tearing them. This requires more patience and time but is ultimately rewarding – sit on your haunches and dig in!
3. If you find anything unnatural in an anemone please remove it and keep it in a separate container or pocket to be added to the anemone ingestion pile at the end. We have been scoring the pieces of plastic we find in them separately.
4. Try to wash out the sand and remove most living plants and animals that have settled on the plastic/glass/paper/clothing surface you collect.
5. If in doubt, ask an old hand!

Date: 18 November 2017

Time: 8:00–11:00

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